justcallmebooker: Omg I'm soooooooooo sorry I totally missed your post about your uncle's death! That's really horrible! You know you can talk to me. I lost my uncle in 2012 too and if I didn't have this one tumblr friend I don't know what would have happened.

It’s OK. It’s a surprising news to me as well. I didn’t know about it until I checked Twitter. I guess my parents were rushing that they forgot to inform me about my uncle’s death. Still, the last thing I need is having a heartache. When I heard the news, I cried. I’m not close to my uncle but when there’s death in the family, it’s really heartbreaking.

I still remember when dad informed us that grandfather passed away in 2006, I cried so hard. Sometimes I imagine what life will feel like without my dad, or my mom, and it really hurts. I know everyone will die but I just can’t imagine being separated from them.

I wish I’m with them now. Also, always keep praying for their health.

Thank you. :)

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justcallmebooker: Happy birthday! I'll be 19 in January too


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Mine won’t move :/ muggle gifs

I don’t have the patience to follow tutorial to make gifs, or even normal graphics. I honestly salute those who can make gifs on regular basis. If it’s me, I would have close Photoshop and sulk in a corner.

Or perhaps because the video is LQ? Hmm.

I should attempt again but my patience level is low.

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omg 7 titles are indeed a lot xD But thanks I think i’ll read some of these titles :)

Your welcome! There’s still a lot of titles for me to recommend (most of them being shoujo with male leads) but I think these seven titles are worth mentioning because most are unknown to the world. HEE HEE. Good luck reading them! :D

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Omg I watched that drama, too and I liked it :3

I’m at episode 2! Currently swooning over the total cuteness of the guys. XD

Tell me that there’s a happy ending? :D

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You sure read a lot of manga! Can you recommend me some good ones? I like manga’s like Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, Ghost Hunt, Death Note and Nana. I was thinking about reading Durara but I’m afraid I won’t like it.

I sure do but I started on most of them around 5 - 7 years back. Honestly, most of the titles I read are difficult to understand so being able to read them after all those years and finally understanding what I have been reading, it’s fascinating. :D

Recommendations, eh?

1. Basically, anything by Aki, which include Olimpos, Utahime, Angel’s Doubt, Aruosumente and Hanamatsuri. Aki is a personal bias because I am mesmerized by her artstyle and deep plotline. My personal favourite is Angel’s Doubt because the characters and comedy are loveable. I really wish Aki’s works is more well known to the world because she’s just awesome in her own way.

2. Shoukoku no Altair by Katou Kotono. I am actually impressed that the mangaka is a graduate majoring in History and specialises in Turkish history. So, what’s better than creating a story about a young Pasha caught in the politics of Türkiye and the hardships he must face to maintain peace? Don’t expect instant HEA because it’s not that easy. Mahmut thinks it’s easy at first but learns the truth through a hard way.

3. Otoyomegatari (A Bride’s Story) by Mori Kaoru. Another history manga! Mori-sensei is well known for her Emma series, but I never really read it. I read Emma Bangaihen for personal purposes. The story is about Amira, a 20 years old who weds Karluk, eight years her junior. As she comes from a different tribe, she has to cope with cultural differences as well as learn to adapt to her new family. Besides Amira and Karluk, other characters are also being highlighted. Also, the details are detailed.

4. Ilegenes by Kuwabara Mizuna and Ishizue Kachiru. Another personal bias because the art is irresistable! Ilegenes is originally a novel series written by Kuwabara Mizuna but is set in the future in which Fon is the President, whereas in the manga, Fon is a seventeen years old who is just starting to realize his purpose in life because everything about him before the truth comes out has always been a lie. Even if it’s a shoujo manga, there are times when the fandom scream that something is going on between Fon and Jacques. However, it shouldn’t put anyone off because the plot is interesting and I personally consider their relationship as a bromance. However, as a result of reading a parody of chapter 26, I can’t stop thinking of the total gheyness.

5. Toxic by Takahashi Ryo. Another bias and even I couldn’t understand how I started loving this series. Takahashi-sensei’s artstyle is a bit rough and difficult to love but I adore her characters. Place Louis Ogami and Loukas Ogami together and I scream in excitement over the bromance. Ahem. However, there’s a catch! As it’s a series where guys are the majority in the military, homosexual relations do happen despite the rules being clear that anyone caught will be severely punished. Fortunately, neither Louis and Loukas are interested although the latter would do anything to fulfil his goal. The series has ended and I’m curious over the ending but the scanlation is still ongoing and I will wait patiently for the next chapters.

6. dolls by naked ape. No need for me to say but it’s a bias too. I’ll be frank, naked ape’s artstyle takes time to like because it’s… somewhat realistic? The plotline starts off with random cases where the Tokkei members are assigned cases to capture criminals sentenced to death but later it ties into the characters’ past. I love characters’ past, especially Shouta’s because it’s just heartbreaking, dammit.

7. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) by Arakawa Hiromu. Smart city boy who has no idea what to do for his future ends up enrolling in an agricultural school, realizing later that it’s not all about excellent examination scores. A story about the students dealing with the everydays of farm life.

I suppose seven titles are enough so far. Don’t hesitate to ask for more!

I have a lot of titles to recommend but these are the ones that I will always recommend because the plot is genius. However, it may have to do with my interest with history and military lifestyle even if in real life, I’m neither of them.

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I have problems with soda too. Yesterday I drank just a little bit of Sprite (less than a cup) and I became so nauseous. Did you have fun today?

I drank a little bit and the effect didn’t start showing until I changed trains to get home. I couldn’t stop from throwing up the moment I entered dad’s car but it’s inside my mouth until I reached home. Blergh.

I sure did. I spend a lot of time with them during college so it’s great that we can meet again after almost two months. We talked about results and what we are going to study in university. I met my former schoolmate (who was also the class monitor while I’m the treasurer) at the cinema. It’s been almost two years since we last saw one another so it’s pretty cool. XD

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